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Set Screws
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A set screw is generally used to secure one object within another. The set screw passes through a threaded hole in the outer object and is tightened against the inner object to prevent it from moving relative to the outer object. Exerting its clamping force through the bottom tip of the screw that projects through the hole rather than with a larger head that remains outside. This type of screw is used to prevent relative motion between two rotating parts, such as the movement of pulley on a shaft.

Standard Set Screws

Metric Set Screws

Set Screws & Tips:

Cup point set screws
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Cup Point Set Screws:
A cup point screw is the most comonly used set screw featuring a cup-shaped indentation on one end. Thie cup point of this screw is mainly used for a quick, semi-permanent or permanent part assembly where the cutting in of the cup point edge of the screw is acceptable.

Cone point set screws
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Cone Point Set Screw:
The cone point screw has a sharp pointed tip on one end. It is used for the permanent setting of parts. These set screws offer the highest holding capability, due to the deep penetration of the cone point.

Flat point set screws
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Flat Point Set Screw:
A flat point screw has a flat surface on one end and is indeed the simplest and least expensive type of set screw available. This type of screw is used for frequent relocation of parts where minimal shaft deformation is required.

Half dog set screws
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Half Dog Point Set Screw:
The half dog point screw has a flat tip protruding from one end which is normally located into a groove in a shaft and allows the shaft to rotate whilst retaining the part in place. This type of screw is typically used for a permanent setting of parts and often is used in place of a
Dowel Pin.
  Knurled Cup Point Set Screws:

 Oval Point Set Screws
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Oval Point Set Screws:
An oval point set screw features an oval shaped point on one end. This set screw is used in an environment where frequent adjustments are needed and minimal deforming of the part is required.

Set Screws & Drive Styles:


Slotted Set Screws
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Slotted Set Screws:
Slotted Set Screws have a fully threaded body that extends over the slot right to the end of each part. The Slot is used for driving the part into whatever application it is needed in. Some advantages to using slots are ease of use since everyone has flat head screw drivers. Another nice feature is that if they are used in an outdoor environment they are easy to clean out if debris gets caught in them. 

 Hex Socket Screws
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Hex or Allen Socket Set Screw:
Hex Socket Set Screws are the most common type of set screws with a 6 sided hex in one end with threads extending over the whole length of the screw. The Hex Socket offers the user the ability to have easy adjustment without slippage. They also allow for high torqing on the screws so as to hold objects tighter in place.



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