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stainless steel dowel pins


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Stainless Dowel Pins, also referred to as Parallel Pins, are commonly used to retain parts in a fixed position or to preserve alignment. Accurately ground to plus 0.0003", minus 0.0000" of the stated diameter and ±0.010" of the length, they are chamfered at both ends for easy insertion. A selection of sizes and lengths is a useful addition to the well-equipped shop or laboratory.

stainless steel dowel pins dimension

  • Material: 303 or 316 Stainless Steel or Brass.
  • 416 Stainless Steel (Optional).
  • Heat treated to RC 36 min.
  • Surface Finish: 16 Micro Max.
  • Range: 1/32" thru 1/2" Diameters.
  • Special Tolerances Available Upon Request.

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